Blood Strike Hack GP and Ouro

Blood Strike Hack GP and Ouro

Blood Strike Hack

If you need more GP and Ouro you can use this blood strike hack to get unlimited in minutes! Use this on any platform/device for you or a friend also. This tool is updated on a daily basis and it’s always working because we keep maintaining it. Updates and patches have no effect on this hack, so our updates simply consist of checking if anyone is abusing the tool because it’s online based. This is 100% secure so you don’t need to worry about that. Why wait, pay or build up items when you get have them free!

The tool will simply find your email/user within the game server, it will then save the amounts of GP and Ouro you entered. From there it will inject those into tables and then exit the server leaving the amounts you requested in your account. It has an auto clean up feature to where it makes it undetectable, cleaning logs, traces etc.

Blood Strike Hack Features:

+ Unlimited GP.
+ Unlimited Ouro.
+ Updated regularly.
+ Free and easy to use.
+ Supports all platforms/devices.

How to use the blood strike tool

1. Open the page below.
2. Enter your email/username and then the amount of GP/Ouro you want to have.
3. Run the hack and wait till it’s done.
4. When it has completed, close the tool and check in the game!

Awesome feedback

We have received amazing feedback from you guys and we appreciate it. Of course some was bad but there is always one right? Whatever you guys have mentioned on improving the tool we have implemented and made it better. We are always here to make it as easy as possible to get resources in the game. If you have any questions or need to know anything contact us and we will get back to you.

What makes our hack different?

Our blood strike hack is different from the rest because for starters ours is always working. Another thing is that we are constantly updating it and making sure it matches current game updates and patches. The most important reason why ours is a lot better than any other is because it’s 100% secure and nobody can match that. Our blood strike tool is the best out there no doubt about it. To finish off we are happy to mention we have helped players gain over 3 billion resources in the game. Happy generating!