Cookie Jam Cheats Lives and Coins

Cookie Jam Cheats Lives and Coins

Cookie Jam Cheats

Are you looking for ways to get coins and more lives in cookie jam? We have a cheats tool that can do exactly that within minutes! Why pay for in app purchases when you can find a tool like ours, know that its safe as we take extra care on making sure of that and that it can add lives and coins with no effort at all. Safety is one big time consumer when we create these tools, that being said is because to us, it’s the most important part. I mean you can easily add coins and lives, but is it safe? We ensure it is!
game description
What this cookie jam cheats tool can do is, add the amount of lives you put into it (this means that when you drop a life, it goes back to 5 again) It can never go past 5, that’s just the game, 5 is FULL. It can add coins, this can be anything but please add reasonable amounts to keep on the low, I know we’re good but we’re not that good of adding billions every second of the day, this would get you blocked from our tool.

Cookie Jam Cheats Features:

  • Add unlimited Coins.
  • Add unlimited lives (explained above on what we mean by unlimited).

Game Proofs

Cookie Jam Cheats Proof

How to use instructions

1. Open the cheats tool and select your device.
2. Enter the amount of lives you want.
3. Enter the amount of coins you want.
4. Run the tool and give it enough time to process.
5. Once complete, exit the tool and check the game.