Empire Four Kingdoms Hack Rubies and Gold

Empire Four Kingdoms Hack Rubies and Gold

Empire Four Kingdoms Hack

Another game which can create a big hole in your pocket if you get too addicted! We have a hack tool that can get you the in game items for free instead of paying for them. This tool can be used any time for free, it’s suitable for all devices as long as the game supports it of course. This can save you money as well as time and frustration. Below we have some key points about this tool, pictures and instructions.

game description
You can use this tool to safely add items in the game without worrying about being banned or anything bad like that. It’s easy to use right from the start we give you every step in the informations section below. Let’s start by listing the features this tool has below.

Empire Four Kingdoms Hack Features:

  • Add unlimited Wood.
  • Add unlimited Food.
  • Add unlimited Stone.
  • Add unlimited Gold.
  • Add unlimited Rubies.

Game Proofs

empire four kingdoms hack proof

How to use instructions

1. Once you have the tool open you need to connect your device.
2. When the device is connected start filling in the fields. Leave blank what you do not want.
3. Run the tool and give it time to process.
4. When it finishes you can exit the tool and then check your game.
5. It may take around 10 minutes to show in the game.