Fallout Shelter Hack Caps and Lunch boxes

Fallout Shelter Hack Caps and Lunch boxes

Fallout Shelter Hack

If you are looking for a free alternative to getting items in fallout shelter you can use the free hack we have below. This hack is very easy to use and of course will save you time and money while playing fallout shelter. You can add unlimited lunch boxes and caps and have the double XP feature enabled which is self explanatory. This can be used on all devices and platforms that support the game play. This will also save you time and money and make playing the game a lot more fun.
game description
Our free fallout shelter hack tool has now been released for public use, we ask politely that you do not abuse it and you add reasonable amounts more often, rather than huge amounts less often. This helps protect the working hack otherwise it means more work for us to keep updating every time we see that it’s broken cause of someone abusing it. If you need any help using the tool or have any questions about it you can contact us any time and we will try to respond within 1 hour.

Fallout Shelter Hack Features:

  • Unlimited lunchboxes.
  • Unlimited caps.
  • Double XP.
  • Anti-Ban protection.
  • Removal of adverts.

Game Proofs

fallout shelter hack proof

How to use instructions

1. Open and enter the user/email ID.
2. Insert the amount of items you want and select options on the right.
3. Run the tool giving it plenty of time to complete.
4. Once complete it will give you a notification, you can then close the tool and check the game!