Global Strike Hack GP Points and Gold

Global Strike Hack GP Points and Gold

Global Strike Hack

Add GP Points and Gold with this online global strike hack! You can use it online without downloading anything and this can be done on any device/platform. Don’t bother waiting, building up or paying for these items because you can get them in minutes using this hack! Global Strike is such an addicting game, although it’s not the best of quality it surely has a lot of happy players, and players are even happier when they have used this hack. Over the past few months we have had thousands of people using this and not one complaint!

Global Strike Hack Tips
Your username/email will be located in the database where it will show tables of your current value of items. This hack will then manipulate those values and change to the amount you wanted to be added. Once that happens the database will refresh, when it refreshes that is when you will see your items in the game. You can then play global strike as normal and know that you got the items hassle free!

Global Strike Hack Features:

+ Add unlimited Gold.
+ Add unlimited GP Points.
+ Supports all devices.
+ Updated daily.
+ Free to use on Cheatsters.

Instructions for the generator
1. Open the tool on the page below.
2. Enter your email/user.
3. Input the amount of items you want.
4. Start it up and give it some time.
5. Once complete you can close the tool and check your items!

Once you have used this hack please be aware that we advise you to not use it again within the same day. This could possibly get you banned or all resources removed. A fun thing to do, if you don’t like someone you can use this to their account a lot and they get wiped. It wouldn’t be good if it happened to you though so keep that in mind!