Ice Age Village Cheats Coins and Acorns

Ice Age Village Cheats Coins and Acorns

Ice Age Village Cheats

Needing items in this game? Don’t want to pay or build them up which could take stressfully long? Good! We have the right cheats for you so you won’t need to do any of that because you can add items for free within minutes of using our ice age village cheats tool below. It’s so easy to use even my dog could do it. Below you will see the tool, proof & instructions on how you can use it today.

game description
All this tool does is fool the server into thinking that your account has more than what it really has and then it’s added to your account safely because it’s the actual game adding it and not the tool. The tool is just a way to bypass and inject encrypted hash codes which manipulate amounts you have. Sounds confusing but all you need to know is how to use the tool and that it works completely safe and undetectable.

Ice Age Village Cheats Features:

Get the following added to your account in minutes.

  • Acorns.
  • Coins.

Game Proofs

ice age village cheats proof

How to use instructions

1. Enter your Email/User ID. You can add for friends also!
2. Type the amount of Acorns & Coins you want to have added.
3. Start the tool and wait till it process the information and injects the codes.
4. Once it has done its job you can exit the tool.
5. Open you or your friends game and there you go!