Last Empire War Z Hack Diamonds

Last Empire War Z Hack Diamonds

Last Empire War Z Hack

This hack was requested by a visitor of our website and we worked very hard to complete it. Now it’s released! You can add unlimited diamonds within minutes of using this tool, the interface is very easy to understand and you will be happy to know that we have daily updates to keep it running at the version of the game and device you use.

game description
This hack injects the database giving the account you have the items you enter, this is all done in the background while showing you a progress bar and information on what it’s doing at that time. It would usually take no longer than 2-3 minutes but due to one of their recent updates it may now take 5 minutes. Not that bad considering its saving you money, read below the stuff you can add into the game.

Last Empire War Z Hack Features:

  • Add unlimited Diamonds.
  • Remove server logs.
  • Use a proxy. (changes the ip you are using the tool from)
  • Daily updates keeping in line with versions.
  • Totally free and easy to use.

Game Proofs

last empire war z hack proof

How to use instructions

1. Open the tool and connect to your platform/device.
2. Once you see the green “connected” sign you can turn on “diamonds” and enter the amount.
3. Start the hack and wait a minimum of 5 minutes.
4. Once complete safely exit the tool.
5. Open your game :D!