Lords Road Cheats Gold and Diamonds

Lords Road Cheats Gold and Diamonds

Lords Road Cheats

Are you playing lords road without the advantage of any hacks or cheats? Well you will realise by now you are at a very bad disadvantage as most players use these tools and enjoy playing the game a lot more than people who don’t! You can use this lords road cheats tool which is shown below to add items you would buy or wait to build up for free.
Read on further as we explain the features, cheats tool, proof and instructions on how you can use it.

game description
It simply just injects into the database a small piece of encrypted code that links to your account and the amount of items you wish to add, this goes within the processing queue of stuff people are building up or paying for. The best way to put it is that it sneaks into the process and adds your items, we don’t add them the actual game does! It’s totally safe and undetectable and worse case scenario is that the tool gets patched, that just means another update and we’re back on track!

Lords Road Cheats Features:

Receive unlimited amounts of the following.

  • Diamonds.
  • Gold.
  • Bound Diamonds.

Game Proofs

lords road cheats proof

How to use instructions
Using the tool is very easy, follow the simple instructions below and you’re all set!
1. Choose which browser you use.
2. Enter your Email.
3. Select and fill the boxes with amounts of what you want.
4. Run the cheats tool and wait.
5. Once complete close it and check your game.