Star Trek Timelines Cheats Credits and Dilithium

Star Trek Timelines Cheats Credits and Dilithium

Star Trek Timelines Cheats

We have a special way of adding items that nobody else has, this keeps us safe and undetectable at a 100% rate, this works for all devices/platforms that support the game and it can be used for free. Using this tool is easier than counting to 10, everything is very straight forward and the user interface is easily understandable.

game description
What this tool does is it injects codes into the database, these encrypted codes contain device/user/platform and item amounts that you have entered. This all gets sent to the queue of processing where at the end it will be transferred to your account. This is a natural process for their game it’s just we inject into the stream of processes in the waiting line so to speak. Below is a list of the tool’s current features.

Star Trek Timelines Cheats Features:

  • Add unlimited Dilithium.
  • Add unlimited Credits.
  • Remove server logs.
  • Proxy usage if required.
  • Daily updates keeping in line with current game/device versions.

Game Proofs

Star Trek Timelines Cheats Proof

How to use instructions

1. Open the tool from the button below.
2. Connect it to your device/platform.
3. Turn on the items you want to add and fill in the box.
4. Run the tool.
5. Once finished check your game in 5 minutes roughly. This gives it time to process through the queue we mentioned earlier.