Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Crystals and Credits

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Crystals and Credits

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

This game when played with friends can easily get you hooked on buying the in game purchases to quickly get an advantage over other people. Stop and ask yourself though, what if you didn’t have to buy the stuff and waste money? What if there was a way to get a fast advantage without spending cash all of the time? Well there is! You can use our cheats on any device/platform to add stuff as if you were buying it but it’s free.
Sounds like lies at first right, well it’s not. You can read more below which will show and explain what you need to do.

game description
What this does is, inputs the amounts of items you want into your account via a small database glitch which was found some months back and been used ever since. Its easy to do and really you don’t need to know how it works just that it does! Sometimes it may lag a little but that’s just normal and as far as we know it doesn’t do it much.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats Features:

  • You can get unlimited Crystals.
  • You can get unlimited Credits.
  • Use proxy protection.
  • Use safe guarding.
  • Use it totally free.

Game Proofs

star wars galaxy of heroes cheats proof

How to use instructions

1. Once you have the tool open you will need to select your device.
2. It should then be connected.
3. Then you can insert amounts that you need into the fields.
4. Choose if you want to use a proxy / safe guarding.
5. Once complete you can now open the game and see your added items!