Township Cheats Coins and Cash

Township Cheats Coins and Cash

Township Cheats

I guess you are wondering how you can get coins and cash by using something called township cheats tool? Well here we will explain how and why it works and saves you time / money. Township is yet another game that offers you in-app purchases to help build your town and farm, but we have a simple trick that can get you those for free. The tool you are about to used can be used as and when you want. This not only going to make your game play better, friends are going to want to know how you did it!

game description
It simply just adds cash and coins with little to no effort at all and you can do that while being undetectable. You can also remove annoying ads from in the game. We won’t get into too much detail about how this works because all you need to know is that it does and it’s free.
You can do this on any device/platform that supports the game.

Township Cheats Features:

  • Add unlimited Coins.
  • Add unlimited Cash.
  • Browser selection.
  • Remove annoying ads.

Game Proofs

township hack proof

How to use instructions

1. Select platform and connect.
2. Select browser.
3. Enter the amounts of coins and cash.
4. Choose whether to remove ads.
5. Run the tool, when it’s done close it and check your game items!