Toy Blast Cheats Coins and Lives

Toy Blast Cheats Coins and Lives

Toy Blast Cheats

This is a block matching game which can get addicting very quickly, also offers in app purchases like all other games of this kind. Don’t go spending money when you can do a little research and find a cheats tool like we have listed below!
Moves are limited and if you run out it’s game over! This can also be frustrating if you were so close.

game description
This cheats tool can save you a lot of money if your the type of person that just pays for anything and everything in games, developers who create the games love people like that. Now though even if you are that person you should use this cheats tool as a penny saved is a penny earned!
Read more below for the stuff you can add, pictures of the tool & proof it works.

Toy Blast Cheats Features:

  • Add unlimited Lives.
  • Add unlimited Coins.
  • Extra 10 Moves.
  • Anti-Ban protection.
  • Totally Free.

Game Proofs

toy blast cheats proof

How to use instructions

1. Open up the tool and auto connect your device.
2. Insert the amount of lives & coins you want.
3. Run the tool and wait some time.
4. Once complete you can exit the cheats tool by simply closing it.
5. Check the game, nice!