Vikings War of Clans Cheats Items and Gold

Vikings War of Clans Cheats Items and Gold

Vikings War of Clans Cheats

Addicting is an understatement for this game, I think that’s why we have received so many requests to make a cheats tool for it. Your aim is to conquer the world and you can obviously pay money to give you an advantage over other players, well from today you don’t have to because you can use the below cheats tool. It can get you the stuff you buy for free within minutes, so why waste your hard earned cash.

Tool Description
It’s very easy to use this tool, once you have used it you will never pay again! Below is a list of items which can be added once you have used it. It’s updated on a daily basis to keep up with game updates, device updates and to keep on top of people abusing it.
Here are some main points we take care of when creating such tools like this one:
Safety Is the most important part of the tool because if not safe you get banned and we get patched and you lose all of your current game play which we would never want to happen.
Speed Is the second most important part of this tool because if being slow you would not be satisfied and this also increases risks of being caught out, if it was slow then we would be inside the database too long leading to raising an alarm within the server of a breach.
Interface – The interface is important as we need you to fully understand how to use it, that being said then if it was complicated then the whole point of coming to this site would be a waste of time.

Vikings War of Clans Cheats Features:

+ Unlimited Stone.
+ Unlimited Iron.
+ Unlimited Lumber.

+ Unlimited Silver.
+ Unlimited Food.
+ Unlimited Gold.

Some proof it actually works
vikings war of clans cheats proof

How to use the hack tool
1. Connect your device by choosing which one it is and how you are connecting it.
2. Fill in the boxes, if you don’t need a specific one leave it blank.
3. Tick the boxes on the right which applies to you.
4. Choose to have double XP or not.
5. Run the hack, once finished check the game.